Product audit, research, design, usability testing


iOS, Android

The Brief

Trezeo is the worry-free money account for the self-employed. Their goal is to help the self employed get paid when work is slow or when they have to take time off sick or for holidays. 

Trezeo had already released an MVP of their product in the UK and had users onboard and using the product. They approached us to conduct an audit on the current product and to uncover areas, both from a UX standpoint and visually, that the product could be improved upon.

Along side this redesign, the Trezeo team wanted to introduce a new feature whereby the user could apply for credit and keep track of their credit usage via a dashboard within the app.  

Original Designs

The Process

We kicked off a discovery phase to get an understanding of the current processes within the application. To do this, I used the real app over the course of a week. By gaining real insight through real usage of the application, I could empathise with the end users and really see where the product could improve. 

Using what I discovered from using the app on a day to day basis, I began to deconstruct the key user flows and I discovered numerous steps we could take to improve the UX and increase self education on the product from the user. For example, there was no onboarding process where the user could be guided through and gain an understanding of what the product was used for. This alone would greatly free up the time of the Trezeo team to focus on other areas of the business rather than having to educate the users via customer care.

Given that this is a fintech product, I felt the next step was to take a look at similar products and competitors to see what patterns are being used in modern fintech products. From here, I was able to create a pattern library and design system for the newly designed product.

With the new credit feature being introduced in this release, I treated this like it was a separate product and performed this phase of the project like I would any other early stage idea/product that I have worked on. By defining key tasks and flows the user had to complete and using the domain knowledge from the Trezeo team, I was able to move quite quickly from concepting and wireframing right the way through to using the design system created for the redesign to build up the UI Designs for the credit process.


The Result

Over the course of 3 weeks, I successfully delivered a full redesign of the Trezeo application and the introduction of a new credit application process and credit dashboard within the Trezeo product.

The Trezeo team have tasked us now with conducting a usability test with a number of their end users to determine where the product should go next.