Lufthansa Group


Research, concepting, design


iOS, Web

The Brief

Lufthansa approached us to build out their enterprise software for the ordering and delivery of food for Lufthansa crew members. To solve this problem, we were tasked with creating both native iOS and responsive web solutions for the crew, a native application for delivery drivers and an administration panel for Lufthansa admin staff. 

My role in this project began after several discovery sessions had taken place. Having caught up with documentation and requirements gathered during the discovery phase, I kicked off the design phase of the project.

The Process

With multiple different applications and many use cases, I kicked off the project by defining a list of key tasks a user would be able to complete within each product. By defining these tasks, it allowed me to create user flows for all aspects of the applications.

Using these user flows, I sketched up low fidelity concept screens and wireframes to get an idea of what elements were needed on each screen and, also, to get an idea for the layout and hierarchy of these elements on each screen. This also allowed me to define a list of screens needed in each application. 

From here, I jumped into Sketch to begin to create the high fidelity UI designs. Using the wireframes I had mocked up in the previous phase of the project, I created UI components and screens needed for each application. 

The Result

Over the course of 4 weeks, we successfully delivered native and responsive web applications for Lufthansa crew members, a native application for delivery drivers and a web application for the Lufthansa administration staff. Along with the designs, we presented 4 prototypes created in InVision.

Since completing the project, the crew food solution has gone live with all Lufthansa domestic flights in Germany and is now being used by over 500 crew members. A plan is in place to onboard all Lufthansa crew members over the course of the next year.